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In Wastenaw County no child custody when parent convicted of sexual charges (810) 235-1970

In Wastenaw County the Child Custody Act precludes an award of custody where the parent has been convicted of criminal sexual conduct in the following circumstances:

A biological parent convicted of criminal sexual conduct or assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct may not receive custody of the child conceived as a result of that crime (unless the conviction was based solely on the victim’s being between 13 and 16 years old).

However, this does not apply if, after the conviction, the biological parents cohabit and establish a mutual custodial environment for the child. see

A parent convicted of criminal sexual conduct or assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct with his or her own child may not receive custody of that child or a sibling of that child, unless both the child’s other parent and the child or sibling (if of sufficient age to express an opinion) consent to custody.
MCL 722.25(2), (3).

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Wastenaw Mediation in Family Law, Divorce.

Mediation; arbitration.
by Terry Ray Bankert a Flint Divorce Lawyer Attorney

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Friend of the Court mediation.

Must be provided for custody and parenting time disputes; optional use by the parties.

Court rule mediation.

The court may refer any contested issue to mediation, but parties who are subject to personal protection orders or who are involved in child abuse or neglect proceedings may not be referred to mediation without a hearing.

Referral to mediation—by stipulation, a party’s written motion, or the court’s own motion.

Objection to mediation—within 14 days after notice of an order assigning the matter to mediation, by motion and notice of a hearing. The motion must be heard within 14 days unless the court orders otherwise, but it must be heard before the case is submitted to mediation.

Private mediation.

On the parties’ stipulation, the court may order private mediation.


The parties may agree in writing to resolve property, custody, and child support issues. Having agreed, the parties are bound by the decision. The court may vacate the award if
the award was procured by corruption, fraud, or other undue means
there was evident partiality by an arbitrator appointed as a neutral, corruption of an arbitrator, or misconduct prejudicing a party’s rights
the arbitrator exceeded his or her powers
the arbitrator refused to postpone the hearing on a showing of sufficient cause, refused to hear evidence material to the controversy, or otherwise conducted the hearing to substantially prejudice a party’s rights

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Inherited property

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